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The PERC Corpus (formerly called the "Corpus of Professional English (CPE)") is a 17-million-word corpus of copyright-cleared English academic journal texts in science, engineering, technology and other fields. It was compiled as a part of the project of the Professional English Research Consortium (PERC) and is intended to be used for research in the field of Professional English.

The PERC Corpus is available on the "Shogakukan Corpus Network (SCN)", the online search service administered by NetAdvance Inc., based on authorization from PERC. In order to use the PERC Corpus, you need to be a paid subscriber of either the BNC Online or the WordbanksOnline on SCN (Shogakukan Corpus Network). (The guide to subscription, though in Japanese, will be put on the top page of PERC Corpus. We are very sorry that there are only Japanese version pages available on the BNC and the WordbanksOnline sites.)

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